Different Styles and Types of Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Although you’d like to think that you would be the center of attention during your wedding day, your wedding cake topper will likely to steal the spotlight. Being a part of wedding cake decoration, the cake topper can be the most interesting thing to see, or it can be another ordinary decorative item that most guests will ignore.

Sure, you want to come with unique and funny wedding cake toppers that everyone wont easily forget, so you really need to know what kind of styles or designs to choose. Each of the design has their own unique characteristics and traits, so learn about them to find the suitable match.

A cake topper should be the representation of you and your partner. For instance, if you go with all pink and jewelry cake topper, you are showing the soft side of you as well as your exclusive and expensive side. If you go with only bling-bling initials for the topper, you are sending a message that you like simplicity and yet expensive pieces of stuff you dont like ordinary stuff.

The Bride and Groom Type

This is basically the most regular and common cake topper type, where there is a pair of the bride and groom. The most common type is the pair standing up together, holding hands, cuddling up, and leaning against each other. However, you can add the twist to this seemingly ordinary look by throwing in a few jokes.

wedding cake toppers
wedding cake toppers

For instance, you can have the bride carrying the groom on her arms, so it looks funny and silly; making the bride look powerful and the groom look powerless. Or you can have the groom carrying the bride over his shoulder in caveman mode, which is hilarious or feel free to have it the other way around, where the bride is carrying the groom over her shoulder. In case you want to go with the ordinary style, simply have the pair standing next to one another while pinching the others rear end. It is funny and yet sexy at the same time.

The Dragging Activity

Dragging activity is certainly an interesting thing to see, especially when it is used as a cake topper. Feel free to choose a topper where the bride is dragging the groom, who seems panic and wants to escape from the wedding. Although it is common to choose a bride dragging the groom, it is pretty common to choose a groom dragging the bride. The activity of dragging can be various; from the simple dragging activity by using hands to using a rope or lasso to tie the feet and drag the victim like a cattle. There are so many appealing sides of the dragging style; it is funny, it is witty, it is entertaining, and it is certainly hilarious.

The Ball and Chain

Ball and chain wedding topper is almost the same with the dragging style, but the tools being used are pretty clear: the chain and ball type. Instead of choosing the rope, the ball and chain represent strong and more solid bond and ties. Sometimes the ball and chain design comes with the bride putting chains all over the groom while the groom is lying helplessly on the floor. It seems cruel, but it is truly hilarious and clever.

The Vehicles Inclusion

It is always fun to include moving vehicles into the setting. There are so many interesting designs to create with additional vehicles around. You can choose a cake topper where the bride is driving a convertible while the groom is running after her. There was this couple that was so into fast cars and car race that they decided to have a cake topper with the groom and the bride in each car and was about to ram into one another. I also know a friend of mine who like cycling so much with his fiance, so they came up with a cake topper of them riding a tandem bicycle. You can choose bicycles, motorcycles, and even skateboards if you want to deliver unique atmosphere and create a statement.

The Animal Representation

Sometimes human figurine can be boring and can be quite old after a while. In case you want to choose animal representation, be my guest. You can choose your favorite animals. For instance, if you decide to have dogs representation, you can have a dog in a bow tie chasing a dog wearing a veil. It is cute and sends out message right at home clearly and loudly. You can also combine several ideas at once. For example, if both of you like Tweeting so much, you can have the bird symbol of the Tweeter and have a pair for the cake topper. One can wear a tux while one can wear lipstick and veil. Not many people will think about such design.

The Bride and Groom on Different Level

Having the bride and groom on the same platform can be boring, so why not trying putting them in different levels? You can choose a bride lean over and looking on the level below her, trying to grab the hand of the groom that is located on one lower level and wants to climb up. The setting can be turned around, where the bride is trying to find her way up and the groom is reaching down to her. Such cake figurine will be better if the cake dcor can be matched up; for instance, it is made imitating the surrounding of a cliff or mountain, or there are woody area and the unlevel surface makes the couple goes in different levels.

There are still so many more unique ideas and designs that you can try for your wedding cake. Dont forget that a cake topper can hit home only with the right decoration of the wedding cake. Be sure to discuss everything thoroughly and in details with the bakers, the cake decorators, and anyone involved. This is the step where planning is very crucial and vital, so make sure that you have everything covered.