How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Fast Naturally and Permanently

When the tissues inside the nose which is adjacent to the blood vessels are swollen, you will experience a condition called a stuffy nose.
You may not like this condition, but nevertheless, when you experience a weakened health condition and invasion of viruses into your body, you may have a stuffy nose.

Swelling occurs when there is excessive fluids production. These fluids, often called the mucus, which will cover up the air flow inside the respiratory tract, either from outside and inside, resulting in nasal congestion.

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Stuffy Nose Remedies

Stuffy nose, generally caused by the flu as well, and the production of a variety of fluids from the nose, often commonly called “a cold”.

Actually, you don’t have to worry about this condition, in general, everyone may have experienced nasal congestion, either babies, children or adults, each of them is the fine place where the stuffy nose is emerge.

If you do not have a history of a bad health, you can allow your body to recover itself, with the help of a few remedies for sure, otherwise, it is a sign of a more serious illness, the care of a doctor is absolutely necessary at this matter.

Mucus discharge, usually will block the nostril, either one side or both. Also, some symptoms will accompany the nasal congestion, like sneezing, headache, sore throat and sinus pressure.

You need to apply the methods on how to get rid of a stuffy nose instantly with certain remedies. The method you apply should be naturally and effectively, because natural methods would be safe for you to get rid of a stuffy nose.

How to Get Rid of s Stuffy Nose Naturally Permanently

However, you will find a variety of ways to address the congestion condition. Using drugs or visiting the family doctor is a quick and easy way for this problem.

But when all of that is difficult to obtain, especially if your lives so far away from any drug store or health care center, the best way is to apply the natural home remedies for your stuffy nose. Here for your review.

1. Taking a Bath with Warm Water

Warm water will warm up your body, when taking a warm bath, you will inhale the steam generated from the warm water directly, resulting in a relief of the nasal cavity and remove mucus that accumulates in the nose.

2. Saline Solution

Saline solution, believed to be very effective to thin the mucus causes nasal congestion for many generations. It is a practical medicinal to get rid of nasal congestion.

Here’s how, make a mixture of warm water and a half of teaspoon of salt and a cup full of warm water, stir well and use the solution to gargle three times a day, do it each day to notice that your nasal congestion is lessen.

3. Apply Warm Ointment

If you like menthol scent, you can apply a warm ointment to overcome the nasal congestion, besides its menthol scented, the ointment also produces warm steam to loosen the respiratory tract and liberate you from nasal congestion. Use eucalyptus oil that is applied near your nose or use the hot balm instead.

4. Consume Spicy Foods

Most people love spicy foods, they assume that spicy foods give a distinctive sensation in the cuisine, it provides a distinct advantage for people who suffer from nasal congestion.
Spicy flavors known to help in diluting the mucus and clear up the nasal congestion. Simply consume the spicy foods into your daily diet, and get a relief from stuffy nose.

5. Expel the Mucus

If I may say, expelling mucus is not a treatment, but it is more likely for an action that needs to be done, well, it is not possible for you, swallowing the mucus that reach on the tip of your nose or mouth.

Mucus expelled will help reduce the discharge of mucus in the respiratory track, thus it will back to normal. Use a tissue or handkerchief to overcome this matter.

6. Adding Intake of Fluids

Water is a very good agent to wash away the dirt, including mucus in the body, by increasing intake of fluids, either in the form of juice, soup and warm water, it will make your nasal relief.

A buildup of mucus in the nose will be reduced as well. Consume 6 to 8 glasses a day, is a healthy way to get rid of nasal congestion, you can consume fruit juice or soup instead. Anything that you like.

7. Use a Warm Compress

Warm compresses, is a simple method that has been used for many years to overcome many health problems, one of them is nasal congestion, it is known to help relieve nasal congestion due to buildup of mucus in the nose.

Soak a towel in warm water for a few minutes, squeeze the towel to moisten. Lying down while relaxed and cover up your face with the warm towel for a few minutes and feel the difference.

8. Take a Sleep

Sleep is a natural remedy for all diseases, when you have a sleep, all the functions of the organs in the body will be revitalized. Your body will heal itself naturally during sleep, thus the immune system will recover and help fight against the common cold and flu that causes nasal congestion.


Flu is a disease that affects many people who have a weakened immune system and there are viruses and bacteria that invade the body and cause infection.

To get rid of nasal congestion due to colds, there is no other way other than to cure the flu in advance. Basically, you can allow your body to heal itself without the help of medication, but the symptoms that accompany colds sometimes is painful, therefore you need some methods on how to get rid of nasal congestion and sinus pressure naturally. Find one that appropriate for you self.